Practice Plan


Throwing Program

3 Min @ 30 Ft

3 Min @ 60 Ft

5 Min @ 90 Ft

4 Min @ 120 Ft


Glove Side
Back Hand
Back Hand with Tag



Throwing Program

3 Min @ 90 Ft

3 Min @ 120 Ft

5 Min @ 180 Ft

4 Min @ Long Toss

10 Minute Interval

Middle Infield – Four Corners

SS Cross Over Flips (At Them to Glove Side)
SS Drop Step Feeds (Away from the Bag)
2B Cross Over Flip (At Them to Glove Side)
2B Drop Step Feeds (Away from the Bag)


First Baseman – Bag Work

In the Air (Coming off the Bag)
Scoops (Long Hops / Short Hops)



Receiving (Glove on / Glove Off)



QB Drills

DropStep 45 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Step 90 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Speed Turn 45 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Speed Turn 90 (Left / Right Side)

Cross Over Line Drive (Left / Right Side)

Do or Die (Footwork to Home)

Shoe String Catch

Short Hop (Play Through)

15 Minute Interval

Middle Infield / First Baseman

Double Plays with Throws
Rolling Feeds
Fungo Feeds

Third Baseman

Ground Balls No Throws
Even with the Bag
Behind the Bag
Slow Roller


Throws To Bags (1B / 2B / 3B)

Bunts / Dropped 3rd Strike


Outfield Drill Work

Ball off the Wall Communication

Fungo (Ground Balls / Fly Balls)

20 Minute Interval

Team Defense

Outfield Throws / Cut Offs / Double Cuts

Run Downs (Outfielders Running)

Pick Offs

1st and 3rd Coverage

Bunt Coverages

Pitchers Field Position


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