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Jimmy Crooks
St Louis Cardinals – 4th Round

Kohl Drake
Texas Rangers – 11th Round

Matt Hickey
St Louis Cardinals – 15th Round

Brett Squires
Kansas City Royals – Free Agent


AJ Smith-Shawver
Atlanta Braves – 7th Round

Dylan Neuse
Minnesota Twins – 17th Round

Phillip Sykes
Boston Red Sox – 18th Round


Matt Canterino
Minnesota Twins – 2nd Round

Jordan Cannon
Baltimore Orioles – 10th Round

Hunter Markwardt
Philadelphia Phillies – 13th Round

Bodie Rascon
San Diego Padres – 14th Round

Jack Cushing
Oakland A’s – 22nd Round


Tyler Coolbaugh
Baltimore Orioles – 36th Round

Nolan Brown
Chicago White Sox – Free Agent


Ulysses Cantu
Cleveland Indians – 6th Round

Ty Damron
Oakland A’s – 15th Round

Holden Cammack
Chicago Cubs – 16th Round

Dimas Ojeda
Seattle Mariners – 17th Round

Dalton Brown
Milwaukee Brewers – 30th Round

Trevor Simms
Arizona D-Backs – 32nd Round

Michael Chambers
NY Mets – 40th Round

Enrique Oquendo
Anaheim Angels – Free Agent


Taylor Hearn
Washington – 5th Round


Tejay Antone
Cincinatti – 5th Round

Connor Buchmann
NY Yankees – 11th Round

Taylor Hearn
Minnesota – 25th Round


Hunter Lockwood
Tampa – 11th Round

Ty Damron
LA Dodgers – 13th Round

Duncan McAlpine
Detroit – 16th Round

Paul Hendrix
Cleveland – 18th Round

Taylor Hearn
Cincinatti – 36th Round


Caleb Hamrick
Indians – 8th Round

Taylor Hearn
Pirates – 22nd Round

Tejay Antone
Mets – 22nd Round

Paul Hendrix
Indians – 32nd Round


Hunter Lockwood
LA Angels – 17th Round

Ryan Turner
Rays – 32nd Round


Noah Snydergaard
Mets – 1st Round

Ryan Turner
Braves – 49th Round

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