The doctor called the products that make body odor disgusting

Often with that “aroma” is not able to handle even modern deodorants.

The doctor called a list of products that provoke a disgusting body odor, ” and stink is not fashionable!”. The first in the list it turned out meat. The doctor assured that meat products in the process of digestion involve in the body a number of digestive enzymes and reagents.

Then there is a breakdown of the protein, and this process at the time of fusion with bacteria in the body is accompanied by an unpleasant smell of the body. The doctor recommended to accompany each meat intake with a large amount of greens. Also, if you eat meat products with buckwheat, the level of smell is reduced. Also noted that the seafood can also cause unpleasant body odor. Eating seafood delicacies can cause trimethylaminuria, a condition in which there is a fishy smell.

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The doctor recommends before you eat seafood, eat nuts. Of them also can be done sauce. Cabbage and asparagus can also cause unbearable “flavor” of the body. The doctor recommends eating them only after heat treatment, that is, boiled or stewed.

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