15u Practice Plan

Dynamic Warm Up 

Playing Catch


Throwing Program

3 Min @ 30 Ft

3 Min @ 60 Ft

5 Min @ 90 Ft

4 Min @ 120 Ft


Throwing Program

3 Min @ 90 Ft

3 Min @ 120 Ft

5 Min @ 180 Ft

4 Min @ Long Toss

Picks Drills 

(Bare Hand + Glove)
Glove Side
Back Hand

Defensive Fundamentals 


DropStep 45 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Step 90 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Speed Turn 45 (Left / Right Side)

Drop Speed Turn 90 (Left / Right Side)

Cross Over Line Drive (Left / Right Side)

Do or Die (Footwork to Home)

Shoe String Catch

Short Hop (Play Through)


Soft Hands (No Glove)
Lateral Blocking
Block and Get Up (Quick to Scoop up Ball)
Throw Down Footwork (2nd & 3rd)
Pass Ball Drill
(Runner Coming Home)
Throw Downs 2nd/3rd Base


(Ball in Glove + Rollers)
Right at You
Glove Side
Back Hand
Dives (Both Sides off knees)
Slow Rollers

Team Defense 
Mass Fungo


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